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The purpose of the network configuration is to ensure that the company’s IT communication works easy, effective and securely in the overall network. Not only inside the company's internal installation, but as well in interaction with the external forms of communication.

Network access everywhere
The network need to ensure that all; employees, customers and partners have network access from all possible locations - from home offices, while traveling and on the train, between company branches, at sea and from abroad. All necessary media devices, communication and data exchange forms have to be available separately and in interaction. Telephony, web, mail, VPN, video, satellite-borne communication etc.


The network configuration ensures that the company get the most out of both equipment and installations such as software. The network configuration will not only ensure the company's current needs, it also needs to be flexible and be able to evolve and adapt to future needs, both regarding expansion and technological opportunities.


Cohesive, integrated and intelligent
At KJAER DATA, we think network as a cohesive, integrated and intelligent network.


All the core network functionalities (routing, switching, WAN Optimization and Internet services) are grouped into one single integrated and intelligent system. All management of the network, allocation of user entries, delegation and sharing are managed by an overall logic.


This means better resource utilization through local use of key hardware and software, streamlined work for the users through integrated allocation of user entries and streamlined administration through centralized, simple and clear administration of the entire network, both local and global.

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