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For most companies today a breach of the IT security is one of the most concrete threats against the business operation, economy and confidential data. Security is an essential part of the daily operations to keep the company running efficiently. Loss or unintended access to data or the company’s IT systems can have catastrophic consequences such as great economic losses.

What requirements do you have? 
Furthermore, there are great demands for IT security today with the new so-called borderless network solutions with communication via the Internet, VPN, IP telephony, virtual solutions, wireless network, long distance backup and administration of global networks.


Are you in control of your IT security? KJAER DATA can provide you with security solutions that meet the requirements for optimal data security. We provide solutions within client, server, network and gateway security and secure user training. Nevertheless, we can thoroughly test your company’s systems from a hacker’s point of view with penetration testing performed by one of our Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH).

IT security at sea 
KJAER DATA can also be in charge of your IT security at sea. IT security is just as important offshore as in the rest of the company that is firmly planted on the ground.


We can easily and securely protect your valuable bandwidth against file sharing programs, malware and virus abusing your satellite connection. You have to bear in mind that from the moment your mariners board your vessel and it becomes their home your satellite connection is endangered. Unconsciously, your mariners will constitute a massive threat as soon as they connect their laptop and other devices to your network. We can help you in the fight against unwanted traffic and internet-based threats.


A safe choice 
We provide security solutions from carefully selected manufactures and we always clarify your company’s security needs based on a profound analysis before installation. If IT security is crucial for your business you should choose KJAER DATA.

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