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Web and video conferencing provides you with the entire world within reach with the touch of a button. The virtual meeting room provides you with a quick and easy opportunity to meet with customers, colleagues and partners.

Can it really be true that we still take our car and drive hundreds of kilometres to have a meeting? In a world where the phrase, which says time, is money, has become as relevant as never before video conferencing is the future form for meetings. 


Skype, Messenger and other forms of communication with real-time images and talk is embraced by Mr and Mrs Smith. Lots of companies have yet to achieve the many benefits of using similar professional solutions for business purpose.


Today’s video conferencing systems provides you with many competitive advantages e.g. an efficient and flexible organisation, reduced non-productive time, streamlined meetings and virtual task groups can be independent of space and time.


Quality above all
Stuttered images and distorted sound is ancient history. Thanks to high definition and telepresence the quality is remarkable today. It provides you with the impression that you are physically sitting in the same room.  

There are several different providers of video conferencing systems today and we often hear from concerned customers: “ Can the systems work together across manufactures?”. The answer is that the majority of the systems work very well together nowadays. This means that the systems can be used across organisations with different equipment.


KJAER DATA offer knowledge
We collaborate with several of the leading manufacturers of video conferencing equipment, among others Polycom and Lifesize. Both offering high stability and quality at a good price.


We have the knowledge to guide you with everything from counselling to implementation. Always with your concrete needs in mind. Please contact us if you want to learn about the benefits your company gain with video conferencing.