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Virtualization is all about separating hardware from software and by doing so get a physical server to act like several virtual servers. In that way, you can combine several IT resources such as operating systems, storage and applications in one or few physical servers. At KJAER DATA we can help you with desktop virtualization, server virtualization and application virtualization.


Virtualization opens new possibilities. Through better server utilization you can reduce energy, client and server expenses – even quite significantly. With virtualization it is easier to control the servers workload and ensure greater clarity. 

With desktop virtualization (VDI) you move your operating system and your programs into the server room. With VDI you can reach your desktop from any device with network access.


Advantages for your company with VDI
• Device independent (for the client)
• All software is centralized
• Accessibility as your employees can access their desktop all over the world
• Greater flexibility for the individual user
• Theft protection of PCs
• Central administration of all the company’s desktops
• Backup and recovery are managed centrally from the company’s datacenter


At KJAER DATA we work from a solid experience. We analyse your needs in cooperation with you. With this approach, we can advise you on how virtualization can be included in the optimization of your IT installation. Virtualization is a strong tool when optimizing your overall server set-up. 

When working with virtualization we mainly work with VMware, Microsoft and Citrix which are solid and thoroughly tested systems.

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