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Network Hub and Cable


Today WAN Optimization is a popular solution among companies with "branch offices" who wish a fluent and efficient communication between headquarter and the external offices.


To save maintenance and operation resources many companies centralize their IT. This entails increased demands for the connections between the offices, so that data and files can be shared effectively without delay and packet loss. It can be a challenge, especially to run certain types of applications (e.g. ERP) over limited band widths.


Even with a MPLS line where you have dedicated band width and the possibility of low QoS, the physical distance between for example Denmark and a subsidiary in China is enough to create a delay of several hundred milliseconds. This is also called latency, which creates congestion, packet loss and re-trans. A combination between WAN Optimization technologies can ensure communication and make the "distance" significantly shorter.


KJAER DATA works with WAN Optimization in four steps: Compression, Acceleration, Caching and Prioritization of traffic. Many years of experience has made us specialists within consultancy, design and optimization of WAN connections. 

We work impartially with the leading brands; Riverbed, Silver Peak and Cisco WAAS.

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