About us

Work smarter – that is our daily goal for ourselves and our many customers. We help facilitate an easier and more efficient work day in which IT becomes part of the solution and not part of the challenge.

Work smarter lies in our DNA. We are not the biggest, but we are keen to solve many of the tasks others say no to.

As a speedboat between supertankers we quickly navigate through the obstacles - on land or offshore, where KJAER DATA with our current 18 employees have a ton of experience in IT security, network, outsourcing and IT support.

At KJAER DATA you will meet a flat organization, a direct approach to tasks and many years of expertise. We consider solutions rather than processes; we communicate in a way that everyone can understand; we design IT solutions for your needs.

We have been striving to do this this since the company was founded in Odense in 2003. This has provided lots of satisfied customers both onshore and offshore.

Your company could be next. Contact us to hear more about how we can design IT solutions exactly to your needs.