Our Fleet

We have many years of experience with IT solutions and efficient support and 24/7 service, also at windmill farms and onboard vessels of all types.

Wind turbines are often about building a secure, closed network that collects the necessary data and shares these with the relevant recipients. On the vessels it is about tailoring the solution to the individual vessel - always based on a thorough site survey, where wishes and opportunities are analyzed.

IT security at sea requires a little extra. Therefore you should choose a supplier who has the necessary knowledge and can provide a 360 degrees solution.
No matter where in the world, the task lies.


High top speed built for efficiency and to get from A to B quickly. This is a CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) and such is the IT solution KJAER DATA offers for this type of vessel.

A CTV is an important part of the offshore traffic supply chain when it comes to transporting crew safely and seaworthy to windmill sites or vessels far from the quay.

Here, too, network and IT equipment are essential tools every day, because it ensures optimal communication and minimal waste of time in daily tasks.


KJAER DATA is your safe choice for sparring, collaboration and IT security.

Service Vessels/SOV

An offshore wind farm does not suit itself. Service is needed - and thus service vessels.

KJAER DATA equips your service vessels with everything in IT; from networks and phone services to video surveillance and navigation so that you can concentrate on the service work at sea.

We are happy to make long-term service agreements that will ensure you the best overview of the expenses for many years to come. You get a stable budget and peace of mind that IT security is top notch all the way from the port and until the vessel reaches the facility.



On a jack-up vessel, a stable and secure IT network is essential.


KJAER DATA is often involved from the very beginning when a vessel needs to be prepared, so that the IT solution is built into the vessel. This provides the most reliable, long-lasting and profitable solutions.

At the same time, we have the experience to solve the task quickly. Often there is a tight deadline for the preparation of jack-up vessels - therefore you must team up with an experienced and flexible partner who always finds solutions and has many years of knowledge to effectively solve the problems.

With KJAER DATA, both the vessel and your IT solution are on safe ground when a task is to be solved.



The IT system is the lifeblood of the modern cruise ship.


On a cruise, passengers expect the same digital options and the same security as on land - it requires an IT network and security that meets the latest standards, to ensure your dream vacation.

KJAER DATA can tie all the IT threads together - logically, intelligently and clearly for the employees on the ship, who has the daily responsibilities.


And our support is always close to wherever in the world the holiday goes.