KJAER DATA is actually spelling service with four letters: CAAS. It stands for Connectivity As A Service and basically means two things: That we keep your business securely connected to the outside world, including offshore - secondly that we are always available when you need help.

"The foundation of SERVICE PLUS 1 is that we know your business"

We provide a SERVICE PLUS 1 agreement. This means that we are always trying to do a little more than you immediately expect and that we are always proactive, e.g. when it comes to optimizing IT security, networking, support and software.

All our service agreements begin with a site survey. We do not make offers over the phone, but insist on visiting your company and the location where your IT services are active - also far offshore or across the globe.

The foundation of SERVICE PLUS 1 is that we know your business. With a site survey we uncover your exact needs for IT infrastructure and support, etc..; we map out the possibilities for the most optimal solution at the lowest possible cost; we reconcile our expectations to each other - and when the task is completed, we continuously monitor whether the solution works as it should.

With KJAER DATA it is easy to get help - no matter where you are, we are never farther away than a call. And once you have experienced our service, you will know why we call it PLUS 1.